Fleet Maintenance and
Corporate Programs

"We come to you" so turn around is Fast. Don't worry about getting your bikes ready before an event or large corporate ride. We offer group rates and options for Corporations and Bike Clubs  for private events.

We host USB Bicycle Repair Days throughout the year at SUNY Stony Brook University. Check our On-Site Repair Days page for dates and times

We provide maintenance and safety clinics for any type of rider, scout group, or age group.

For details, inquiries, or special requests, call 631-258-7199 or Email us at Chris@IslandBicycleRepair.com
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At Island Bicycle Repair, we cater to all your needs. With over 20 years experience and training you can be rest assured your bike or fitness apparatus will be maintained or fixed correctly the first time, with top quality replacement parts.

In most cases we will need to take the bike back to our shop to ensure a proper repair.
It will be returned to you
in only a few days.

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Classes and Maintenance clinics

Join us for classes and clinics to help you understand the mechanics of bicycle repair. We currently offer Fix a flat classes and Bicycle Tune-Up classes. Each class is approximateley one hour in length and limited to 4 students per class.

If you would like to request a special type of class, please email us and we will accomodate.

Tune-Up –$59.95...

-Adjustment of the brakes, gears, hubs,
headset, and bottom bracket.
-Lubrication of the drivetrain, cables, and seatpost.
-Tires inflated to recommended pressure.
-Inspection of wheel spoke tension and
roundness of the wheel.
-Safety inspection.
(Parts / installations are an additional cost.)

Tune-Up Plus –$119.95...

All services offered in a tune up... plus...
-Degrease and lube all bearings
-Tighten and adjust all cups and cones

Tune-Up Deluxe –$149.95...

All services offered in a tune up plus and...
-Full service detail of bike frame and parts

Tune-Up Single speed –$39.95...

Tune-ups are necessary at least once
a year, maybe twice or three times for bicycles ridden
off-road or used to get to work or school.

Always be aware of the condition and performance of your brakes. You may run into a problem if you can't stop, especially if you need to do it in a hurry.

If bearings become loose and get continual use, it will cause permanent damage to the frame and you will need to replace it.

Without proper lubing and degreasing of the drivetrain, the gears and chain will wear faster causing early replacement.